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Unlike basic math, algebra combines the use of letters as well as numbers to solve complicated equations. For many students, introducing letters to mathematics seems as foreign of a concept as an ancient hieroglyphic language. This means that students must learn the “grammar” of algebra, as well...
Preparing your child to do well in school is a task in and of itself. Ensuring that he or she is getting plenty of rest, time to study, and doing all of the homework required may seem like a full time job. But what do you do if, aside from all of the normal school related activities, you find out...
Spring has officially sprung, and with that there will be a lot of rainy days introduced to our climate here in Orlando. On those spring afternoons when you can’t allow your child to go outside and play, you may wonder what types of activities you can engage in with your child that will allow him...
Believe it or not, to keep your mind in mint condition, you need to exercise it. Reading, writing, and learning new things can help you maintain your brain properly. However, there are other ways in which you can sharpen certain skills while you have fun. For example, there are some games that...
 Preparing your child for college can be a very stressful time in the life of a parent. There is so much to do and even if you went to college as well, there are parts of the process that may have changed. Today The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to assist you in this endeavour by...
When it comes time to helping your child improve academically, you’ll certainly need to consider the ways you can help him or her increase organizational skills. Likewise, you’ll do well to also focus on the study skills your child has and how to improve those. The Tutoring Center in Dr. Phillips ...
Here at The Tutoring Center in Orlando. Florida, we help with adding, subtracting and dividing numbers and their percentages. Dealing with money uses all of these essential math factors. We would like to share a few tips to help you teach your child mathematical comprehension and, at the same...


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