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New Year’s Resolutions for the Remainder of the School Year

Although the school year is almost at its halfway point, the beginning of the new year is a great time to make academic resolutions and goals that will guide your child to academic success. This post can give you and your child some ideas for resolutions to complete this year.

Remove Distractions During Study Time

If you notice that your child is often distracted while trying to complete homework or while studying, this can be bad for a couple of reasons. First off, they may take longer to complete assignments or get through studying because their concentration is being interrupted and their focus isn’t fully on the task in front of them. The second reason is that if their attention isn’t fully on the task in front of them, they probably aren’t getting much out of it. They may be rushing through their assignment without completing it correctly or without learning anything. To prevent this from happening, have your child set a goal to study without getting distracted. They may notice they get things done faster while retaining more information.

Beat Procrastination

Many students struggle with procrastination for a variety of reasons. Some students are afraid to fail so they put off studying, while others don’t know how to do an assignment so they just put off getting started. If your child is often struggling to get work done the night before it’s due, figure out what is causing them to put it off. Once you know the reason behind their procrastination habit, it will be much easier to address it and resolve it.

Make Daily Homework Time

Having set homework time daily is a great way to ensure that your child has enough time to complete homework assignments without letting them pile up through the week. Making homework time a part of their daily routine will make it much easier for them to develop the habit of studying daily without you having to beg them to do it. Providing your child with a proper work area and tools will make the process much easier and efficient as well.

Get Organized

Organization is key when it comes to academic success. Start by helping your child sort out their backpack and materials. Once their materials are in order, help them to organize their tasks. Provide your child with a calendar that will help them keep track of extracurricular activities, assignments, exams, and outings. This will help them learn to stay on top of their work while also teaching them valuable time management skills.

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Maintain a Positive Attitude

If school is a real struggle for your child, maintaining a positive attitude around academics may prove to be a real challenge. Do your best to encourage your child to stay positive and continue working towards making progress. To do this, get involved and help your child with homework assignments and studying for exams. You can also enroll your child in after school tutoring where trained tutors can find new ways to teach your child their school lessons. Remember that your attitude plays a big part in theirs, so do your best to stay positive when talking about school.

Keep up with Healthy Habits

Academic success involves more than completing homework and doing well on exams; it’s also affected by your child’s habits. Include eating healthy, making time for physical activity, and getting plenty of sleep each night a part of your goals and your child’s goals. To accomplish these goals, start by finding healthy recipes that you can cook together and find outdoor activities you both enjoy. You can also help your child set a bedtime routine that will make it easier for them to get to bed on time each night. You may be surprised to see what a change these healthy habits can make in your child’s academics.

Enjoy the School Year

Most parents focus the majority of their attention on ensuring their children get the best grades possible, but remember to let your child take a break. School involves much more than exams and homework; it also allows your child to establish healthy relationships and develop their personality and interests. Encourage your child to participate in new and fun activities that will allow them to find their passions and develop their abilities. Allow them time to have fun and enjoy school activities like dances, sports games, and other traditions that make up a part of their student life.

Tutoring in Orlando FL

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