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When your child is young, or perhaps because he or she has been diagnosed with a Learning Disability, you are sure to have noticed that it can be difficult to keep the attention of your child for long periods of time. This is rather natural, but can be frustrating as well. If you are struggling to keep your child’s attention, The Tutoring Center in Orlando has some tips for you today to help increase your child’s attention span. 

Decrease Distractions

In order to increase attention span, the first step is decreasing the distractions. You can do this by providing an area where your child studies, that is free of those things which he or she finds the most distracting. You should not allow your child to have his or her phone while working on homework, however you can allow your child to listen to music if you find this is something that helps your child pay attention. The television should be avoided at all cost, as well as other background noise. It is important to know your child when determining what actually does distract him or her, as opposed to what helps. Some students do benefit from others talking around them, or light background music, while other children would prefer complete silence and should perhaps be provided with noise eliminating earbuds. 

Give Attention

Remember, that your child will model your behaviors. This may seem simple, but it’s great to remember that if you teach your child the importance of paying attention, by paying attention to what he or she is saying when talking to you, by asking questions, and taking an interest, you will be a providing a model they are likely to follow. Teach your child the importance of kindness and paying attention to what others are saying. However, if your child has an attention disorder, you may find that they are not ‘not paying attention’ on purpose, and other measures will need to be taken regardless. 

Find an Activity Your Child Enjoys

You can practice increasing your child’s attention span with an activity he or she already enjoys. Your child may enjoy reading aloud or doing word puzzles or picture puzzles. As all of these take focus, they’re great to start with. Begin by reading aloud with your child, or helping your child complete a puzzle. Gradually pull yourself away from the activity, allowing your child to work more and more on the activity alone. This will take more time. If your child has the goal to read 3 pages, it will take him or her longer to do that alone. Or if your child wants to complete the puzzle, without your assistance it will take more time as well. 

Set Goals

You’ll find that setting goals for/with your child, is a tool that helps in so many areas. Not only does setting goes help with attention span, it also helps with organization, for example. Help your child set a few goals for the day, specifically dealing with time limits, so that he or she knows how long each activity should take. For example, in an activity your child loves, you could say ‘read aloud for 30 minutes’ or ‘read 3 pages aloud.’ Your child will know that once the 30 minutes or 3 pages have been completed, he or she has completed the goal. This gives concrete actions to your child to complete and time limits to consider. 

Don’t forget to ensure your child stays active as well. Get more information on the benefits of childhood exercise, here

At The Tutoring Center we are prepared to help your child even further to increase his or her attention span, while also assisting in any academic subject area your child may be needing extra assistance. For tutoring in Orlando be sure to contact us at (407) 286-2389. You can find out more about our programs as well as schedule a FREE diagnostic assessment.


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