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Although the summer vacation is a well-deserved break for students, most parents are wondering how to keep their children busy, as sitting idly around with their cellphones isn't really an option. However, enrolling your children in a tutoring program will not only get your children out of the house, but it also has many academic benefits.That's why at The Tutoring Center in Dr. Phillips, we created the following post containing some of the advantages of summer tutoring.

It Prevents Learning Losses

Keep in mind that your children's brain need to stay active over the summer, otherwise they may suffer learning losses in the areas of reading and mathematics. Summer tutoring will allow students practice and consolidate their previous knowledge, so they are ready for the upcoming school year.

Helps to Fill in Learning Gaps

If your children struggled in school, this is the perfect opportunity to develop those skills that they need for great academic achievement. This will also increase the confidence of students and build solid study habits.

ACT or SAT Prep

Some students will take one of these test in autumn and they play a crucial role during the college admission process. We can't overstate the importance of these examinations, and getting to learn the test and prepare thoroughly is crucial to allow students reach their goals and reduce test anxiety, and summer tutoring can help fulfilling those objectives. Encouraging your children to love reading is a great way to instill this habit that's very useful in their lives, as literacy is related to better career opportunities  and it has many other benefits, so be sure to read our guide on this topic.

Tutoring in Dr. Phillips, Florida

Remember that The Tutoring Center offers a free diagnostic assessment that will allow us pinpoint the specific academic needs of each of our students. This is another great reason to choose us next time you are looking for tutoring in Dr. Phillips.  Call 407-286-2380 to enroll your children in one of our programs.  


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