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When it comes time to helping your child improve academically, you’ll certainly need to consider the ways you can help him or her increase organizational skills. Likewise, you’ll do well to also focus on the study skills your child has and how to improve those. The Tutoring Center in Dr. Phillips would like to assist you with just that today, by giving four of our favorite tips to help improve your child’s study skills. 

In order to best prepare for an exam in a class, your child will do well to start with the basics of Studying:

Effective Note Taking

As the teacher is presenting new information, your child should be paying attention and writing down notes. It’s a great rule to remember that when the teacher takes the time to write it down, your child should write it down as well. While the teacher is lecturing your child should be writing down key words, definitions, facts, and dates, as the teacher presents them. After class is over your child can take the time to look over the notes of a classmate to ensure that he or she has gotten all of the key facts. Remember that taking notes on what the teacher lectures over is the first look at what material will be covered on the exam. 

Daily Homework

Your child can also ensure that he or she is following the instruction of the class by committing to do the homework each night. There are some teachers who will assign homework, not intending to check it. This is done so that your child can have more practice on a particular topic. Your child, even if the teacher does not check the homework, should do it anyway, for practice. 

Create a Study Schedule

Your child should have at least a weeks worth of notice prior to a big exam. Once your child informs you of the exam, sit down with him or her to create a study schedule. Your child should commit at least one hour each evening to studying for the exam. This will help him or her avoid the cramming the night before. There is nothing wrong in studying for a test the evening before, however this should not be the only study time. 

Once test day comes, help your child complete the test more successfully by reminding him or her of these Test Day Basics. 

Read the directions. Yes, even if your child’s teacher has gone over the directions with the class as a whole, remind your child to take the time to read through the directions again to ensure he or she understands. If not, get confirmation from the teacher before moving on. 

Answer easier questions first. Not only is this a great way to help increase your child’s confidence while test taking, it’s a great way to get through the easier material more quickly. This leaves time for those more difficult questions at the end. 

Before turning in the test, review the answers. Remind your child that so many errors on an exam could have been fixed easily if the test taker were to review the exam before turning it in. Your child is not exempt from this truth. He or she will do very well to go back and fix any small mistakes to avoid those detracted points. 

Once you’ve begun working on these skills with your child, you’ll sure to see some improvement. However, if you think your child could still benefit from some extra assistance, consider hiring a member of the professional tutoring staff at The Tutoring Center. For tutoring in Dr Phillips, contact us at (407) 286-2389.


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