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Preparing your child to do well in school is a task in and of itself. Ensuring that he or she is getting plenty of rest, time to study, and doing all of the homework required may seem like a full time job. But what do you do if, aside from all of the normal school related activities, you find out your child has become the victim of bullying? It’s even easier to accomplish in our technological culture. Cyber bullying has become the new and more vicious form. About 25% of children and teens surveyed have admitted to being bullied over the internet or via cell phone. As technology improves and becomes more of an obsession for young people, this type of bullying will have more of an effect. Of course, we can’t forget in person bullying, which also takes a great toll on the individual being victimized. The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to share today, some of the ways you can help your child if he or she is being bullied and what you can do about it as a parent. 

First, it’s important to ensure you’ve got a good grasp on what bullying, by definition, actually is: 

  • It is classified as bullying when it is done regularly and repeatedly
  • Its common forms are:
  • cyber bullying
  • physical harm
  • threats
  • name calling and teasing

Now, remember these steps to share with your child about what not to do as well as what should be done if he or she is being bullied:

What Not to Do-
  • Do not believe the lies the bully is telling you. Don’t let him or her make you feel inferior or unloved
  • Don’t keep quiet about the situation
  • Do not respond to violence with violence, if at all possible

What To Do-
  • Talk with a trusted friend, parent, or teacher to see how they can help you get through the situation
  • Remember that often bullies find someone else to take out their own frustrations on, because they do not know how to deal with them in healthy manner
  • Keep a record of what is done or said, so that if the situation were to escalate or if you were to need proof, you have it there in full detail

Helping your child get over this unfortunate part of his or her education will bring you one step closer to helping him or her learn to fill out those college applications! Know that when a child is being bullied, a side effect that often occurs is a decreased interested in school and thus lower grades. If you’re hoping to get your child back on track after bullying, know that The Tutoring Center can help you there. Not only will the professional tutoring staff be able to assist your child in his or her academic struggles, but there will also be a safe, one on one environment which your child will likely feel very comfortable in. For tutoring in Orlando make sure that you contact us, (407) 286-2389.


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