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As you continue to prepare your child for the academic hurdles he or she will face, you’re likely doing so by helping your child expand his or her academic horizons, through language learning and even possibly providing him or her with a tutor if necessary. However, an often overlooked aspect of a child’s experience is that which pertains to his or her creative pursuits. Don’t underestimate how creativity will help your child. Creativity boosts brain power which of course is crucial for academic success. 

In order for your child to pursue creativity, you must consider the necessity in providing supplies for your child. Take the time to talk with your child about what he or she would like to do and brainstorm on the necessary supplies for the task. If your child decides he or she would like to pursue painting, for example, provide the necessary materials. Whereas, if your child wants to make something out of strictly recycled materials, you’ll need to help gather those as well. You have the opportunity to get a bit creative yourself here, and suggest that your child use some out of the ordinary supplies to create with. 

Though we wouldn’t recommend this in every area of your childs’ life, remember that when he or she is working on an art project to try and limit external constraints. Of course you should ensure that your child is only creating art on permissible surfaces, and not on walls, for example-unless that is something you have permitted. The point here would be to let your child explore, let his or her mind change in the middle of a project, allow all the time that is necessary to complete it, and show interest in what your child is doing. 

Lastly, ensure that you allow your child to experience cultural and artistic diversity. This will not only be a way to spur on your child’s creativity, but this could also be a unique bonding experience for the two of you. Take your child to cultural festivals in your city, allow him or her to see art from different areas around the world, hear music in other languages, and experience cuisine from various locations. These types of experiences will help your child to become more aware of and in tune with his or her own creativity as well. 

Once you’ve found a few ways your child can enjoy getting creative ensure that you encourage him or her to keep up with academics. Creative pursuits, in fact, can be a great reward for keeping grades up. However, if your child is trying hard and is still in need of some assistance in an academic area, that’s OK too. The Tutoring Center is here to help you. For tutoring in Orlando, be sure to contact us to set up your childs’ free diagnostic assessment, (407) 286-2389.


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