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Here at The Tutoring Center in Orlando, Florida, academic success for your child is our goal. SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) or ACT (American College Testing) exams are what your child has to pass in order to get into a good college. Here is some information about these tests and what your child can do to be prepared.

Practice and Skills

There are plenty of online practice test for these exams. Working with the tutors should help to comprehend the test questions which is very important. But practicing the tests is not everything you need to ace them. Test taking skills such as figuring out shortcuts, working with multiple choice answers to reason out a solution, estimating, and avoiding traps are the types of skills it takes to help students ace the SAT. 

Look for Themes or Patterns

The SAT test tends to have the same type of questions for algebra, arithmetic, and geometry every year. There are only about six major rules in grammar, and the test consistently uses the same vocabulary words. Keep in mind the SAT is very consistent. The scope and parameters of what it covers are limited. 

Tips on Boosting Your Score

Practice. As mentioned before, there are lots of online practice tests and they should be utilized A LOT! Practicing will help you recognize questions that will be on the actual test. Do not skip any of the first 15 questions and try to get them right. The questions are always structured easiest to hardest and, even though, the last 5 questions are the hardest, all the questions are worth the same number of points. Wrong answers are much more damaging than skipping those extra hard questions.

These are just a few tactics to help your child with the daunting SAT and ACT tests. Learning balanced study skills will help as well. Call The Tutoring Center here in Orlando for a free consultation at (407) 286-2389 or e-mail Our hours are Monday through Thursday 2:30 to 7:30 pm, Friday through Sunday by appointment only.


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