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As the end of the school year gets closer, help your child stay on top of their tasks with these tips.

Stay Organized

Encourage your child to use all of their organization skills to stay on top of their work. They likely have a ton going on, so it’s very important that they stay on track. Using a calendar to keep track of important dates and a day planner to stay on top of daily assignments will help them finish the school year successfully.

Prioritize Tasks

If your child has a lot going on, they should focus on what is coming up first. This will ensure that they have plenty of time to finish all of their assignments on time with less stress. Encourage them to make daily study time so that they’re also prepared for all of their end of year exams. If they need help staying on top of their work, have them make a list of everything that needs to get done in order of importance so that they can easily work down their list. It also helps to focus some time on reducing test taking anxiety and stress so that they can concentrate on the work in front of them.

Stay Positive

By staying positive, your child will have an easier time completing their work. Teach them about how visualization can help them to reach their goals. If you hear them being negative, reassure them that they will be fine. Do your best to focus on the positives so that your positivity can rub off on them.

Make Plans for Summer

If your child isn’t sure if they’re going to make the grades they want, remind them that they can always use summer to get there. Whether they didn’t pass a class, aren’t satisfied with a final grade, or simply want to get ahead, a summer school is a great option.

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How Parents Can Help

Although your student is the one enrolled in school, you can still help them finish the school year strong. Use these tips to keep your child motivated during the last few weeks of school.

Set Goals and Make Plans

Help your child stay on track with exams, projects, and other end of year activities by encouraging them to set some goals. Some things they may want to focus their attention on include scoring well on end of year exams, reaching their ideal final grade in class, or even finishing at the top of their class. Whatever their goals are, help them get there by creating a plan together.

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Make the Transition Easier

If your child is worried about the changes the upcoming school year may bring, help make the unknown less scary. Some students may be worried about losing a great teacher and a comfortable classroom dynamic. If this is the case, set up a meeting with their new teacher so that they can get to know each other before the next school year arrives. You can also help them keep in touch with their friends over the summer so that they know they won’t be alone when the new school year arrives.

Communicate with Your Child

Since the end of the school year can be stressful and even overwhelming, be sure to talk to your child about what they have going on. You may be surprised by the amount of work they have to complete and the amount of stress they’ve built up. You may also be surprised to learn that not all of their stress is due to exams or projects, but may also be caused by the changes coming up in the next school year. Listen to your child and give them some advice to get them through these last few weeks.

Encourage Healthy Habits

If your child is feeling overwhelmed by everything going on at the end of the school year, chances are they won’t be paying attention to some important habits. Ensure that your child is eating healthy, balanced meals and provide them with healthy snacks as they study and complete assignments. Encourage them to get plenty of sleep every night so that they have an easier time staying focused and concentrated in class and while studying. They should also be participating in physical activity daily and making time for fun. There are plenty of fun end of year activities they can participate in. This is a great way for them to take study breaks and return to their work refreshed and ready to continue.

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