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Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for Exams

As midyear exams get closer, your child is likely starting to get a bit stressed. Although you may feel like you can’t help in this area, there are plenty of things parents can do to help their children prepare for school exams.

Create a Study Schedule

Studying can get very overwhelming, especially if your child waits until the day before his or her test to start studying. Avoid the stress and anxiety this can cause by helping your child develop a study schedule he or she can stick to during the weeks leading up to the exam. Divide study material into different days so that your child can cover it all without getting stressed.

Use Different Study Techniques

There are plenty of different study tools and techniques your child can use to ensure studying pays off. One easy technique is to use flashcards. These make it super easy to review study material on the go and you can even quiz your child using their flashcards. Other techniques to try include using mnemonic devices or holding group study sessions.

Be a Positive Influence

If your child is feeling down or anxious, do your best to keep a positive attitude that can help inspire their study efforts. You may not always be able to help them with their study material, but you can definitely be a great positive influence. Tell your child “You can do it. Do your best”, and be there to listen to your child’s concerns.

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