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Now that summer break is here, your child will have a lot of free time to spend on fun and interesting activities. Still, you should try to get them to use some of it to improve in different academic areas. For instance, you can encourage them to work on their reading comprehension skills so they can become better readers. If you need a few ideas on how you can help your child in this respect, you'll find them below.

How to Help Your Child With Reading Comprehension

  1. For starters, help your child foster a love for reading by providing them with books that suit their interests, age and reading level.
  2. You should also strive to provide them with the right reading environment so they can focus on the text they're going over.
  3. If you want your child to read effectively, you should also give them the proper tools, such as a dictionary, so they can read and learn.
  4. Taking notes of dates, names and key information can also help your child stay focused on what they're reading.
  5. Sometimes, some context can give you a clearer grasp on a text. Have your child research a topic to understand the reading material.
  6. Different reading techniques, such as reading out loud, can also help improve your child's reading comprehension of a text.
  7. Discussing the reading material with your child will open their mind to new perspectives, which will make their experience more enriching.

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Another way in which you can help your child improve in reading over the break is to enroll them in summer tutoring at The Tutoring Center in Orlando. There, they'll be able to practice their reading, vocabulary, grammar and more, helping them become a better student. Call the number above for more information on summer tutoring in Orlando.


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