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Tips to Help You Prepare to Take On Your Final Exams and Projects

As final exams and final projects keep inching closer, be sure you’re prepared to take them both on. Before you have a chance to stress, follow these easy tips from The Tutoring Center Orlando2 to prepare for both.

Plan Your Study Time

To properly prepare for an exam, you will need to do at least some studying. As soon as you know the date of an important exam, write it down in your planner or calendar, so you know just how much time you have to study. If the exam is still a few weeks away, you can create a study plan that includes an hour of study time each day. If the exam is closer, you might need to increase the amount of time you study every day. Try to study at the same time each day so you can develop an easy to follow routine.

Create a Study Space

To help ensure your study time isn’t a waste, get it done in a productive area. Avoid studying in spaces with televisions or that are popular gathering spots in your home because chances are you will be too distracted to focus on your studying. Instead, find a quiet space free of distractions where you can concentrate. Keep distracting electronic devices out of reach until you get through your planned study time.

Gather Your Study Material

Once you’ve set up your study space, gather up the materials you will need to study. These may include basic supplies like paper, pencils, and a ruler, however, when it comes to an exam you will need some other specialized materials. If you were given a study guide, use it! A study guide can help you organize your study time, ensuring you review every point that will be on the exam. Gather your notes, old tests and quizzes, and even old homework assignments to use as the perfect study material.

Put Together a Study Group

If you don’t work well alone and prefer studying with a group or your classmates, organize a study group. Getting together with some of your classmates to study can be a great way to learn new information and test what you already know. As you study, you can quiz each other to test how much information you’re retaining or to decide if it’s safe to move onto the next item on your study guide.

Make Your Class Presentations More Effective

If you’re given the task of preparing a presentation instead of taking a final exam, you will still need to prepare and study your material to develop an effective presentation.

Properly Prepare Your Presentation

Start preparing your presentation by doing plenty of research on your topic. You don’t have to spend all your free time doing research and studying, but do make sure you have plenty of credible information and sources to base your work on. Avoid plagiarizing information and cite all of your sources properly.

Practice Presenting with an Audience

Once your presentation is ready, practice presenting with an audience. Grab your family and have them sit and listen to your presentation. Once you’re done presenting to them, ask for feedback and constructive criticism that will help you improve what you have.

Make Your Presentation More Interactive

If you’ve noticed that most students struggle to stay concentrated or pay attention during class presentations, make yours more interactive. Including interactive elements in your presentation will ensure your classmates are alert and are paying attention throughout your whole presentation. One way to do this is by asking questions as you move through the presentation. To encourage participation, be prepared with small treats or other rewards.

Stay Calm and Confident

If you find you’re a little nervous before presenting, don’t worry, this is quite normal. To help yourself feel calmer remember that you did plenty of research and even practiced your presentation. Take a few deep breaths and stand up straight. Smile at your audience and move confidently through the space in your classroom as you present.

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