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Math and Academic Sites for Your Child

The Internet is a powerful tool to help your child learn and improve academic skills. Check out these sites specializing in math and academic skill improvements for children.


An all-around great site that focuses on English, science, and math is Bitesize. Children from second grade and up looking for math assistance can choose from such topics as “Numbers,” “Shapes,” “Space,” “Measures” and “Handling Data." To further assist in the topics, each of the games comes with step-by-step lessons that can be read online or printed.

Arcademic Skill Builders

Created with children in second grade and up in mind, Arcademic Skill Builders uses an arcade-like interface to focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, integers, decimals, money, fractions, and time. To encourage some healthy competition, your child can choose to either play with other people online, or practice their skills alone. Because there is no real interaction between the gamers, it is completely safe. After they finish the various levels of each game, you can view their score, accuracy and rate at which the questions were answered. It also lists the missed questions and gives you the option to see your child’s progress in graph form.


Based on PBS’s popular cartoon series, "Cyberchase," this site has students from third grade and up working on their math and problem-solving skills. Your child will get to practice basic math facts, geometry, measurement and algebra while solving real-world issues. There is also a page entitled “Parents & Teachers” that assists parents and teachers in game choice. In this section, along with a brief summary of the game, the specific math topic, and science topic, is listed. After your child gets their fill of math practice, they can also watch videos, read adventures, and create art. A section titled, “Quest,” will lead a character, customized by your child, through an online quest to win awards and items to decorate their cyber home.

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