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Help Improve Your Child's Writing Skills

Getting Started

Writing skills don't only apply to just English and language arts. They apply to every subject. The writing process helps your child to develop critical thinking, communication, and organizational skills.

Teaching Writing at Home

When teaching writing to your child, break the subject down into several traits. Address each trait with a separate lesson. There are six traits you can include: organization, ideas, vocabulary, fluency, writing conventions, and voice. After each lesson, have your child write a piece using a particular trait.

Pen Pal Project

A fun and innovative way for your child to practice writing are by composing letters. Old-fashioned letter writing is a lost art. Have your child write a relative or famous person that they admire. There are international pen pal programs online that you can use to set up letter exchanges between your child and children from all over the world.

Poetry, Prose or Pop Fiction

Be it poetry, prose or pop fiction, writing for an audience is often a bonus for your child. Encourage your child to write a story that will be shared with the entire family. Get your child started by allowing them to choose their topics of interest. Help your child edit and revise the piece before presenting it.

Tutoring in Orlando

Writing and grammar skills are imperative to your child's future academic success. For help with this challenge, areas trust The Tutoring Center in Orlando. Call 407-286-2389 for your child's free diagnostic assessment and to learn more about the benefits of tutoringTutoring Center in Orlando's innovative approach to learning and one-to-one instruction makes them the best choice for tutoring in Dr. Phillips, Florida.


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