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There are a whole host of reasons for your child to take up learning a foreign language, and many of the benefits language learning brings will last through their entire life. Today, The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to let you know just how beneficial language learning could be for your child.

Remember, linguists, educational experts and psychologists all agree that language acquisition has an even more beneficial impact if started early in a child’s life, so it’s never too soon to encourage them to start learning.

Learning a language requires your child to use many areas of their brain simultaneously, encouraging brain adaptation and growth to meet the new challenges. As neuroscientist David Sousa puts it ‘language learning engages the entire person’, and this is great for a child’s development.

Alison Mackey, professor of linguistics at Georgetown University, writes that ‘people who speak more than one language fluently have better memories and are more cognitively creative and mentally flexible than monolinguals’, and these claims are backed up my numerous studies that have established that bilinguals are far more adept at recalling information, particularly verbal information, and more adept at switching fluidly between tasks. Better multitasking may well be the result of learning to switch quickly between speaking one language and another.

Speaker of more than one language have repeatedly been demonstrated to achieve higher scores on standardized tests than their monolingual peers, and data indicates a correlation between speaking multiple languages and a higher overall grade point average.

Learning a new language is also one of the best ways to improve your English, as you have to focus on the mechanics operating behind the new language, shining new light on how English functions simultaneously. A better understanding of English can help your child improve at essay writing and delivering speeches and presentations.

There are many other things you can do to help your child excel, including providing the perfect study space at home. Hiring a tutor can offer your child the targeted support they need to prosper, so call (407) 286-2389 to take advantage of professional tutoring in Orlando today.


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