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 If your child is looking for a new hobby or is interested in learning a new skill, there are few better things they could do than to take up a musical instrument. Learning an instrument isn’t just fun and rewarding in itself, it also does marvellous things for the brain, which The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to talk you through today.

Learning an instrument stimulates the production of new brain cells and formation of new communication networks between various regions of the brain as a result of forcing many different parts of the brain to work in tandem. This has many knock-on effects, such as increased memory function, especially verbal memory. Being more adept at remembering spoken words is obviously a boon for any child that needs to take in a lot of information at school!.

A recent study by University of Vermont psychiatry professor Jim Hudziak found that learning an instrument could help children with ADHD, as musical training helped to literally reorganize the region of the brain known as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Other physical changes in the brain as a result of musical training include the growth and strengthening of the corpus callosum, the part of the brain that connects the two separate hemispheres. This means better communication between the hemispheres, which in turn means better executive function (planning, decision-making, etc.) and more efficient multitasking.

Perhaps due to all the above effects, musical training has a marked impact on academic performance; musical children consistently outperform their non-musical peers on standardized tests.

There aren’t just academic benefits, though. Playing a musical instrument is a natural stress-reliever, as it encourages the release of mood-enhancing endorphins. In the long-term, playing an instrument has been found to be an excellent way to combat anxiety and depression in many people. It can also provide a big boost to your child’s confidence and self-esteem to learn a new talent and work through any difficulties they have during practice.

Playing an instrument is hard work, and learning to play one with skill takes hours and hours of practice. This requires a good work ethic which, when learned, will help them focus in their academic life, too. It will also help your child learn to overcome challenges with a positive attitude.

Your child may be excelling in some academic areas but finding others that much more difficult. If they need support with any element of their studies, The Tutoring Center is here to help, so call (407) 286-2389 to reap the benefits of tutoring in Orlando today.


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