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If you have recently discovered your child has a Learning Disability, you are on a long road to understanding how you can best help your child stay motivated. One of the ways you can do this is by learning more about helping your child increase attention span. You may also consider learning as much as possible about your child’s Learning Disability so that you can work with him or her in the most educated manner possible. It is with that in mind that The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to offer a few major tips in helping to motivate your child with a learning disability. 

As mentioned, you should learn as much as possible about your child’s disability. Afterwhich, you should take the time to let your child know he or she has your full support in this journey. Living with a learning disability can be difficult, and your child may feel he or she has obstacles all around, but knowing that you are there for support is going to be a great way to lift some of the burden. 

It’s important to remember, also, no matter what the disability is, that you provide your child with choices. Start simple, as you do not want to overwhelm your child. You should also make sure that the choices are guided. For example, if there are several objectives your child needs to accomplish in a day, you could give him or her a list and ask your child to put them in order of importance, or perhaps order of interest. This way, your child feels in control of his or her own learning, while at the same time having the guidance necessary to get things done. 

Along with supporting your child and letting him or her have choices, you should also ensure that you are aiding your child in setting achievable goals. This does not mean, of course, shying away from difficult tasks. However, because you know your child and what he or she is capable of, set goals high, but achievably so. Allowing your child to succeed in a challenging time in his or her life, is key to keeping your child motivated. 

As you’ve begun to successfully enact these tips in the life of your child, you will begin to see a change in motivation. However, don’t think you need to go it alone. If your child is still struggling in a particular subject or having trouble paying attention, know that The Tutoring Center is here to assist you. For tutoring in Orlando, be sure to contact us at (407) 286-2389.


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