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Each student has their own needs and preferences when it comes to studying. Naturally, the more personalized their study sessions are, the more they’ll be able to get out of them. This is why you should find out your child’s learning style and adapt the study methods to it so they can have a more effective and successful learning experience.

If you’d like to know more about this subject and how you can cater to your child’s learning style, The Tutoring Center in Orlando will share a few tips with you.

How to Cater to Your Child’s Learning Style

With Sound

Those who are skilled at remembering conversations, have a good ear for music, and are generally more interested in sounds, are called auditory learners. If your child is this type of learner, try these approaches:
  • If possible, record their lectures so they can listen to them when they study.
  • Employ mnemonics that revolve around sound (e.g. create a song or a poem).

With Images

If, on the other hand, your child is more responsive to visual stimuli, has a keen ability to understand and memorize images, spatial arrangements, and colors, they are a visual learner. For them, use the following tips:
  • Have your child draw pictures depicting the concepts they need to study.
  • Watch videos that go over the lessons they should be focusing on.

With Movement

Lastly, we have kinesthetic learners. This basically means that they are more drawn to movement and learn better when they can use their body or their touch to assimilate the information. To adapt to them, try to:
  • Encourage your child to rewrite their notes as they’re studying.
  • Provide the appropriate tools for them to learn (like a puzzle or an abacus).

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If you want to ensure that your child will learn effectively, here at The Tutoring Center, we provide personalized tutoring that is adapted to their style. For more information about our academic programs, or to schedule a free diagnostic assessment, please call (407) 286-2389.


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