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Reading is one of those life skills everybody must have, but not everybody enjoys doing. Many people resent reading because it’s forced upon them in school, others may not feel comfortable with their level and therefore don’t enjoy it. Whatever the reason, here are a few tips from The Tutoring Center in Orlando to help your young learners enjoy reading a little more.

Be Interactive

When you are reading to your children, before they begin to read themselves, make it as interesting as possible. Sometimes this means choosing books with illustrations or you can make it into a performance by reading various characters in different accents or voices. As your child gets older, have them read the role of a main character.

Read Background Information

You can incorporate reading into just about any activity. If your child is really interested in dinosaurs and wants to go to the museum, read a book about fossils and prehistoric creatures first. Likewise, you can read summaries of movies they want to see, or have them read the history of a place you are going on vacation. By prefacing activities they enjoy with a little related, light reading, it will help them enjoy reading and not see it as a chore.

Be a Role Model

Try to pick up what topics your child enjoys reading about the most and help them find books they will enjoy. If they really like a certain book by one author, look for more books by that author; or, you can search online for similar style books, i.e. fantasy or sci-fi. You can even read the book first, then encourage them to talk about it with you as they read it too.

Struggling with reading is a somewhat natural occurrence for many students. In the early stages of learning to read, one-to-one instruction is the best and most useful practice. If you are interested in more reading help or private tutoring in Orlando, contact our team of experts today with all your questions at (407) 286-2389.


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