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We here at The Tutoring Center in Dr. Phillips previously talked to you about creating the right reading environment at home. However, instilling the love of reading in your children is a whole different story, that requires time and patience. That’s why we prepared the following post containing useful ideas to motivate your children grab a book, and discover the joy of this wonderful activity.

Become a Role Model

It’s no secret that children tend to mimic their parent’s behavior, and you can use this to encourage your children to read, plus they will notice inconsistencies; how can you ask them to become readers when you are not a reader yourself? Make sure to read in front of them and ask them to join you. You can also create a family reading hour, so you can also spend quality time together. 

Visit the Library/Bookstore

Take your children to the library/bookstore and find the stories they like. Keep in mind that following their interests is crucial, otherwise this activity will seem boring. Don’t forget that reading also expands to graphic novels, ebooks and comics, which are a great start for children. Remember that you can always ask the librarian for recommendations. 


Being able to identify reading difficulties is the first step towards fixing the problem.  If your children have problems pronouncing new words, can’t remember the sound of letters or misspell words, it’s likely that they have a learning disorder. Just remember that this activity is challenging and requires time to refine, plus there’s always something you can do to help them.

Engaging your children in this activity from a young age is the best way to ensure they become enthusiastic readers in the future. This skill will definitely be helpful in their professional and academic lives. Plus, it has countless benefits, as it boost cognitive skills, reduces stress, increases vocabulary and many other advantages. 

If your children are struggling in this or any other academic area, be sure to contact The Tutoring Center. Our tutors follow our exclusive programs and provide their students with one-to-one instruction they won’t get elsewhere. Consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Dr. Phillips. Call (407) 286-2389 to learn more about how we can help


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