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SAT Prep in Dr. Phillips, Florida

The new school year is quickly approaching. To help your child make the transition back to school a successful one, follow these tips from The Tutoring Center, Orlando FL.

Practice Your Night Time Routine

It is likely that your child didn't stay in the habit of going to bed early during...

Tips to Help You Prepare to Take On Your Final Exams and Projects

As final exams and final projects keep inching closer, be sure you’re prepared to take them both on. Before you have a chance to stress, follow these easy tips from The Tutoring Center Orlando2 to prepare for both.

Plan Your Study...


To be a good writer, you need to master several academic skills, as well as be knowledgeable in a variety of subjects. Needless to say, this is not without its challenges, which is why the following post will share a few tips on how you can become a better writer. 

Write as Often as You Can


As a student, studying is an important part of your life, and as such, you should be certain that you’re making the most of it, so you can learn effectively and ace your tests. In this post you’ll find a few tips on how you can improve your study sessions. 

Engage in a Healthy Routine

Notes can have a bigger impact on your student life than you know. After all, it is through notes that you practice your lessons, reinforce your knowledge, and get ready for your exams. This is why it’s crucial that you take good notes in class. For a few tips on how to achieve just that,...

Vocab Help: Words Commonly Mistaken

These words can be confusing, but we offer some mnemonic suggestions to help you tell them apart and use them correctly.

Dual vs Duel

"Dual" means two of something, having two parts. A "duel" is a fight between two people. "Duel" has an "e" because it involves...

Math Help: Useful Formulas to Know

Knowing these math formulas by heart will come in handy as you advance in your math classes.

Average Speed

To find the average speed, use the formula distance over time.

Rectangle Formulas

Area=lw l is the length and w is the width. Multiply them together to...

Composition Help: Writing Mistakes You Should Never Make

Make sure your writing is free from these commonly plagued words and phrases.
  1. Due to the fact that Don't you mean because? Feel free to use due to after a linking verb (The student's absence was due to illness.) If for another reason, get...

Developmental Skills and Quality Time in the Kitchen

Time spent together with your child helps them achieve developmental skills and gain self-confidence. Cooking together offers the ideal opportunity to enjoy quality time with your child.

Building Skills and Baking

Cooking can help...

Math and Academic Sites for Your Child

The Internet is a powerful tool to help your child learn and improve academic skills. Check out these sites specializing in math and academic skill improvements for children.


An all-around great site that focuses on English, science, and...


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