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Spring has officially sprung, and with that there will be a lot of rainy days introduced to our climate here in Orlando. On those spring afternoons when you can’t allow your child to go outside and play, you may wonder what types of activities you can engage in with your child that will allow him or her to not only have a great time, but to learn something as well. The Tutoring Center in Orlando has a list of some exceptionally fun learning activities to do on a rainy day. Don’t forget to include some of these mind sharpening games on the day’s agenda, as well. And, while you are having a fun and educational time with your child, remember to look for signs that he or she might benefit from a tutor. For tutoring in Orlando, be sure to contact us. 

Let’s start with an outside activity. Yes, we know, it’s raining. However if it’s just a light shower, and there is no thunder or lightning, you might consider going on a short nature hike with your child throughout your neighborhood. Don’t go too far in case there is a storm coming, but take your child out to enjoy the fresh rain and to observe what there is to see. You can even print out a list of things to find before going, if you want to make it more of a scavenger hunt/nature hike. There will likely be a lot of natural activity, do to the cooling rain, so you’ll have many things to take note of. 

In the house, you can have pictures you’ve already collected and sit down with your child to create a family tree. This can be as involved as you and your child are willing to make it, and nothing mandates that you complete it in one sitting. Start with briefly introducing the family members your child does not know. You can then research with your child to find out more about them. Either on the internet or perhaps your child can even interview and older family member for that information. Help your child arrange the family members in the proper order and decide how much detail you want on the tree. 

Lastly, consider making a puzzle with your child. You may even choose to get the entire family involved in this activity. Decide on a scene you would like to make a puzzle out of, draw or paint the scene, and then cut out the puzzle pieces. You and your child can mount the painting onto a hard piece of cardboard or even wood and have someone cut out the puzzle pieces for you. 

Know that there are plenty more suggestions out there of what you can do to help educate and entertain your child on a rainy day. Of course you can always find inventive ways to help your child work in an area where he or she is struggling in school. There are numerous worksheets and other ideas available online. As you are working with your child you might decide that he or she could use some assistance beyond that which you can give. If that is the case, remember that The Tutoring Center has an expert staff ready to help. For tutoring in Orlando, contact us at (407) 286-2389.


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