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Summer vacation is a time for kids and parents to relax and spend some time together. Although school’s out, there is no excuse to let education fall in priorities. It is incredibly important to stay focused over the summer to prevent forgetting skills and material from the year before. Reading is a great way to stay sharp in all academic topics. This summer, The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to help motivate your family with these simple summer reading tips.

Go to the Library

Going to the library gives your children a chance to explore all the different genres of books and find something they really enjoy. When a child enjoys what they are reading, they are more motivated to read. Technology makes it easy to find specific books, but sometimes it’s fun to simply look around. 

Also, most local libraries schedule events to get children active in group reading. Ask your librarian about some events, and organize a group of neighborhood children to go along! Afterwards you can have a small party where the children can discuss their favorite parts.

Fill Downtime with Books

It’s tempting to sit back, have a glass of lemonade, and turn on the TV when there isn’t much going on around the house in the summer. However, that time could be much better spent reading. Keep an abundance of books and other reading material handy around the house so your kids always have something they can read. Since reading isn’t usually as fun as TV or movies, you can even come up with a system that rewards children for reading.

Lead by Example

A lot of children’s behavior is learned through observance of their surroundings. When parents spend long amounts of time on the computer or watching TV, it will teach their children to do the same. Be a good role-model and read regularly in front of them. Reading the newspaper in the morning rather than watching the local news is a great way to start!

Use Your Resources

Some families are busier than others over the summer. To assist them, there are many programs out of school to help keep your kids academically sharp. For reading programs or one-to-one instruction in Orlando this summer contact us today at (407) 286-2389.


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