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The importance of reading can’t be overstated in your children’s education, as this skill expands their vocabulary,  improves focus and concentration and many other benefits that will pave the way for great academic achievement. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Orlando, we would like to tell you about a few ideas to create the right reading setting.


Good lighting is important to preventing eye fatigue, as it will disrupt your children’s concentration. Make sure that there’s a lamp available in the reading space. Don’t forget that your children should avoid looking directly to the lamp to preventing glares.


Getting too comfortable while reading may cause that your children fall asleep, hence many people link this activity with boredom. On the other side, an uncomfortable position can cause strains and other injuries. Finding the right desk and chair that adapt to your children’s height is crucial. Also, a cool temperature is recommended while reading.

Focal Distance

Your children should hold their book or reading material 18 inches from their eyes. Take them to the ophthalmologist to detect any vision problems, otherwise reading will seem like an impossible task. 


Last but not least, be sure to remove any distractions from their reading space. Block social networks and remove cellphones and TV, as their attention will wander from one gadget to another.

These are just a few ideas that can make your children’s reading time more enjoyable, and allow them to focus. Also, be sure to read this previous post containing a few useful ideas to increase your child’s attention span.  

At The Tutoring Center, our goal is helping our students to achieve their academic goals by providing them with the skills they need. Think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Orlando. Please call (407) 286-2389 to learn more about our programs and how we can help.


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