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If you’re a parent of a teen, specifically one who is past 10th grade and has yet to take the SAT, then you’ll want to begin familiarizing yourself and your teen with this test, as soon as possible. Taken by students each year, the SAT is a national standardized test which is often used to aid in college admissions. Working hard and getting a great score on this exam could mean that your child is admitted to his or her top college choice, and even more important, with a scholarship. The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to assist you with some tips today, on how to help your teen prepare for this test. 

Preparation Tips:

You can help your teen get a head start on practicing for the SAT by searching for online help. There are several websites which will give examples for questions on any part of the exam, even those which have previous years examples from the actual test. Your child will get an idea of what will be included on the exam and be able to see some past writing prompts to begin understanding how to prepare. 

Section Readiness:

Each section is scored slightly differently, and this may be good to know when preparing for the exam. 

The math section for example, does not have a penalty for incorrect answers. That being said, it’s better to guess even if the answer is not known. Of course, your teen should attempt to use the process of elimination to weed out the least correct answers, but if the answer is correct, even if it’s a guess, there will be points added. However, if the answer is wrong no points will be taken away. Another important fact to remember about this section is that the questions will go from the easiest of equations to the most difficult. It’s good then to spend as little time as possible on the questions at the beginning to give more time for the difficult final ones. 

The reading section is set up to make it difficult to answer questions correctly if the entire reading section is not read, prior to attempting to answer them. It may be the strategy of some to read the questions and then scan the paragraphs for the answer, however this strategy does not tend to work for the SAT. It is best to read the entire entry prior to attempting to answer. 

The writing section is divided into questions regarding grammatical and spelling correctness and an essay. The writing prompt will ask for an opinion, as well as factual information to support that opinion. Ensure that your child is familiar with the five paragraph essay in order to complete this writing prompt with the most accuracy and ease.

General Tips:

Lastly, there are some general tips to keep in mind about taking the exam as well as what to expect in the testing center:

  • Paper will be provided for the math section as well as for any other needs-remind your child to turn in the paper with the test booklet and not to take it out of the testing center
  • There is a recess in the middle of the exam, your child will do well to bring an energy and brain boosting snack for the break
  • Remind your child to bring a picture id to the testing center, two number two pencils, a snack, and little else
Even after starting the preparation at home, you may think your teen could use more practice. Remember that The Tutoring Center has an SAT Prep program which will not only provide your child with strategies for taking the test, but will also give him or her plenty of opportunities to practice. If you think your child will benefit from this extra assistance, for tutoring in Orlando, be sure to contact us, (407) 286-2389. While you and your child are anxiously awaiting the score, remember it is never too late to encourage your child to develop a love for reading.


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