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Set Summer Goals With Your Student

It’s not unusual for students to spend their summer break lounging around the house bored. While they should have a relaxing summer break, don’t let them get bored too often. To beat the summer boredom, help your child develop some summer goals they can work towards all season.

Make Time to Write Daily

Writing practice is never a bad idea, no matter how old your child is. Encourage them to set a goal to write daily during their summer break. Remind them that their writing doesn’t have to be academic and that it can be about anything they would like to write about. Give them a new journal where they can keep their collection of written work. Keeping a journal, writing poetry, or even writing letters are all great writing exercises your child can benefit from.

Catch up on Missed Lessons

If your child missed a few lessons this school year or simply fell a bit behind by the end of the year, encourage them to use the summer to catch up. Enrolling them in a tutoring program can help them really learn the lessons they don’t feel confident in so that the next school year is a breeze. They may not be too excited about summer tutoring, but they’ll be happy when they don’t spend all summer bored at home.

Prepare for College

Older students can take advantage of the summer months to prepare for college. If your child will be applying to college soon, help them make a checklist of the college related things they want to complete this summer. Their list may include narrowing down their school choices, preparing for the SAT, or even applying to a certain number of scholarships.

Tutoring in Orlando FL

Help your child take full advantage of their summer break by enrolling them in tutoring in Orlando. The Tutoring Center, Orlando FL offers a number of different academic programs including SAT and ACT test prep that can help your child reach their academic potential. To learn more about these, contact the center at (407) 286- 2389.


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