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As a parent you want to be able to teach your child as much as possible, but what if you’re presenting the lesson to your child in a way that isn’t optimal for their learning? In today’s post, The Tutoring Center in Orlando will share some examples of teaching techniques and which learning styles they fit.

Can you hear me, now?

Does your child just love to talk?  It’s possible they’re an auditory learner and could benefit from absorbing information through listening and hearing, rather than watching. The next time you are giving your child homework help, try listening to a short audio clip where new information is introduced to your child, and then ask your child questions about the material. Pay close attention to how your child retains this information, and any visual cues that you may see that suggest your child has understood faster through this method.  

Actions speak louder than words

Have you ever noticed that when you’re giving your children math help, they often try to use objects while they learn?  It could be a trait of a kinesthetic learner.  Kinesthetic learners are great are learning information if they can interact with the lesson physically.  When you and your child are practicing math, introduce blocks or household objects when introducing new lessons.  If your child learns better through interaction, don’t be afraid to take the lesson to the park.  Have your child count the leaves on a small tree, or dogs in the park. It’s a great way for your child to increase their knowledge retention while having fun outdoors.

Are you looking at me?

Learning new skills by watching tutorial videos or utilizing flash cards can greatly assist with knowledge retention; especially if you’re a visual learner.  When giving your children algebra help, experiment with having them watch you complete the equation, or a video of the equation being completed in a style that interests your child. It could help improve how much of the lesson they retain.

Parents want to give their children all the education and help they can, and knowing which technique works best for your child is a great place to start. To complement this, our experts can provide reading, writing, and math help through one-to-one instruction or private tutoring in Orlando. Call us today at (407) 286-2389 for more information.


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