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When it comes to whether or not you, as a parent, choose to allow your child to use technology in the home, that is certainly up to you. Today The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to inform you of some of the ways you can use technology to benefit your child, should you choose to use it. If not, remember that there are other ways to help your child achieve these milestones and goals as well. 

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

This is a skill that your child is working on from infancy and will do well to have developed as much as possible by the time he or she reaches the age to go to school. When your child plays interactive games on the computer or tablet, in which he or she is given the task to move items from one place to another, you can expect that his or her hand-eye coordination will significantly improve. 

Enhanced Social Interaction 

We are social beings, and the more exposure your child gets in interacting with others, the better. The use of technology to collaborate with others is something your child will likely be exposed to early on in his or her education. Perhaps you can begin to prepare your child for this by working together with him or her on problem solving through technology. 

Increases Motivation in Task Completion 

You’ll find that most games geared toward children, and even toward adults, will have a certain level of accuracy which needs to be completed before moving on to the next level. This can motivate your child to finish things in order to move on, which can translate into other areas of his or her life. If you’ve got a child that particularly enjoys completing tasks, you can even use an app on your electronic device that allows your child to check off the tasks which have been accomplished in any given day. 

Improved Language Skills

The more your child understands prior to starting school, the better. Keep in mind that there are apps and games that can help your child learn to read. These may come in the form of flashcards, writing practice, and even dictionaries with pictures. Once your child is reading, there are short story applications as well as entire books you can purchase online for your child to read. Perhaps the extra motivation your child needs to begin reading regularly is that the books are on an electronic device. 

Tutoring in Orlando
No matter what you decide on the technological front, remember that your child’s academic excellence is our goal at The Tutoring Center. When it comes to helping your child to succeed, whether through the use of technology, learning a new language, or hiring a tutor, we know that you’ll do what is best for your child. For tutoring in Orlando, be sure to contact us to see how we can best help you do just that, (407) 286-2389.


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