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Notes can have a bigger impact on your student life than you know. After all, it is through notes that you practice your lessons, reinforce your knowledge, and get ready for your exams. This is why it’s crucial that you take good notes in class. For a few tips on how to achieve just that, continue reading. 

How to Improve Your Notes 

  1. Organization and cleanliness are key in taking good notes. That���s why you should refrain from doodling in your notebook, and why you should have a notebook/folder for every subject. 
  2. Being prepared to take notes is also important so you don’t miss what the teacher is talking about. To that end, keep your writing tools on your desk, ready to be used. 
  3. You should be able to understand your notes for them to serve their purpose. For that reason, make an effort to write in legible letters and in complete sentences. 
  4. Writing everything down is a surefire way to fall behind. Instead, have a note-taking strategy. For instance, make sure you write down everything that the teacher writes on the blackboard. If the teacher deems it important to write down so should you. 
  5. Use common abbreviations to help you take notes faster, e.g. use w/ instead of “with”. 
  6. Use main ideas as headings in your notes, this will provide you with an outline you can use to review later on. 
  7. In every note, there’s some information that’s more important than other. To help it stand out, use highlighters, different colored pens, or sticky notes. 
  8. Lastly, re-read your notes once you’re finished. This will help you ensure that everything is clear, and will also help you notice if you missed something. If that’s the case, ask the teacher or a peer to explain. 

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