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Solving Difficult Math Problems 

Math often gets a bad reputation because it tends to be challenging for most students. Even those who enjoy the challenges of solving difficult math problems can struggle and get frustrated. Before you get overwhelmed and give into the desire to give up, take a deep breath and concentrate. The Tutoring Center Orlando2 has some simple steps you can follow to get through the most difficult of math problems. 

Understand the Problem 

Understanding a difficult math problem can be harder than it sounds. To understand the problem: 
  • Carefully read and re-read the problem calmly 
  • Avoid stressing out over how hard the question is and how you’re going to solve it. 
  • Take a few deep breaths and start to pull apart the problem. 

Before attempting to start solving a problem, understand what it’s asking of you. Is it asking you to solve for area? What units should your answer be in and should it be a whole number, decimal, or fraction? Understanding these basic concepts will help you start to decipher what the problem is asking. 

Decipher the Information 

Once you figure out what the question is asking, start to sort through the information presented. To solve for the unknown information, you will be given a certain amount of known information and expected to find a solution. Identify the information in the question that will help you get to the solution. While you’re at it, write down what information you need to get to so that you don’t forget or get confused as you work your way through the problem. 

Translate the Information 

If you’re working with a word problem, you’ll need to translate the written information to mathematical information. This will mean converting information to numbers and setting up equations to process the information given. For example, “item x is twice as expensive as item y” would be translated into x=2y and not 2x=y. Use dummy values to make sure that all of your conditions are correct before proceeding with the values provided by the problem. If your child is in need of extra help with math homework or preparing for a math test, The Tutoring Center Orlando2 might have the solution. Our trained tutors and one-to-one tutoring approach will help ensure your child gets the specialized attention they need. Count on the best learning center around, give us a call at (407) 286- 2389 to schedule your FREE Diagnostic Assessment and Consultation

Create a Path to a Solution 

Once you have sorted through all the information you were given and converted it to a mathematical language that will help you get to a solution it's time to create a path to the answer. Write down the steps you need to take to get to the right answer without completing the calculations, you can think of this as an outline for your solution. By planning ahead you’ll know exactly where you’re going and how you’ll get there, avoiding confusion as you work. This will also give you the opportunity to write down relevant equations, theorems and other necessary tidbits required at each step. 

Solve the Problem Carefully 

Do your best to stay cool, calm, and collected as you work. Read the problem as many times as needed in order to get comfortable with it and with what is being asked. If you need to, take a break from the problem and move onto another one. If you’re working on homework, take a break from the assignment and clear your head before trying to tackle the problem again. Use the path you created to get to the solution. Avoid skipping steps to try and get to the answer faster. Take your time and be sure you’re being as careful as possible as you work your way through the problem. 

Check Your Answer 

Once you have solved the problem and have a solution, test it out. Plug your answer back into the problem to check if it makes sense. If you end up with equal sides after testing your answer, your solution should be correct. If things aren’t adding up properly, you may have an issue at some step of the solution. Go back and check your work for simple addition and subtraction mistakes. Double check your equations and the process you used to arrive at the solution. Remember that with most formulas it is always possible to know for certain whether your answer is correct. 

Tutoring in Orlando 

The Tutoring Center Orlando2 offers the best tutoring services for your child. Whether your child needs help completing their math homework or preparing for math testing, The Tutoring Center Orlando2 is here to help. Our academic programs focused on reading, writing, math, and test preparation can help your child strengthen their abilities in all subjects. Contact us at (407) 286- 2389 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.


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